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January-February 2016 Sea Breeze Now Up On Line

View the colorful January-February 2016 Sea Breeze.

FY2017 Special Tax Budget

Hillsmere Estates Special Community Benefit District is established for the purpose of construction, maintenance, and repair of, and snow removal from, non-County-owned roads, streets, alleys, sidewalks, curbs, street or road signs, street or road lights, bulkheads, drainage ditches, and culverts; maintenance of community areas; acquisition, development, improvement, and maintenance of community real and personal property; establishment and operation of a community security program; and covering the administrative expenses incidental to carrying out these purposes, including postage and mailing, auditing, insurance, and legal costs. To view the budget, click FY2017 Special Tax Budget.

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Beach Reservations

To reserve the large beach pavilion, please contact the Administrator at 410-263-4456 or email A refundable $200 security deposit is required. If you are serving alcohol at your party, you will need to get an Anne Arundel County One-Day Liquor License. Signed forms for a liquor license must be obtained from HSIA two weeks prior to your party and submitted to the County. You will be required to specify the time needed for your party. You can reserve the pavilion for the entire day or for as little as 2 hours. This will allow more residents use of the large pavilion for parties. Reservations are not final until you receive a confirmation from the HSIA Administrator.